How  do these vehicles  compare?

All vehicle  types will be compared  with the AGIX/TVA prototype. Testing  will examine  road holding [ traction] handling and  
primary safety   and will  extend  to all aspects of vehicle testing.

Testing  will be undertaken at  
TISC  in Canberra  Australia  under controlled conditions   Video  and  other  information  will be
added to this page  as testing  continues

The  tests on this page  simulate  urban roads  in  poor traction conditions.

Learn  how  traction works here   
Our skid pan day  has  been  a great development  tool  for  the prototype.  Thanks to Eiji  Wakamatsu   for these initial  
photos. Many people  turned  up  with cameras  and there are  large  files  to  edit  and so  it  will take some time  to prepare  
video   for this  page.  Many  innovative  video  methods  were  employed.

The  Can  Am  Spyder  from BRP  Australia  had to cancel  and   I was unable  to get  the standby  SPYDER  to the track but  
next time  I  will  invite   privately owned  Spyders  and I thank  the  SPYDER  owners club  for their offers.  Next time Guys!
PIAGGIO  Australia  would not provide a MP3  and rider.   The  Porsche  was replaced  by a
There  are many people  that  I have to thank  for their   assistance.  I will  tell you about them as this page  unfolds.
The   TVA  prototype  specifications  can be viewed here   RED
            Available video  links  are  in right  hand  column below.
..... Its a pity that this 3 wheel version failed to get to production via  the collaboration between TvA  
and AGIX. but its not uncommon for events to unfold in unexpected ways.... the important thing is
that they unfold one way or the other.
My development of the 4 wheeler has turned up many ideas that can be applied equally to the 3
Phillip. June 2017.
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