Costs  to Manufacture.

* Most vehicle components  are existing  mass produced.

* the control system component  cost is
450USD .

*  the total cost to manufacture  the vehicle complete is  5,000USD.   Landed  costs  in any particular area  will vary.

Some parts  are specially made.

1] laminated glass  windscreen[ produced in China]
2]  plastic moulded body  panels
3]  box frame  steel chassis.

A detailed business plan is  available upon  agreement and consultation.

The vehicle systems are designed to comply with  all  regulations .

The projected sale price is
12.000USD   depending on  dealer  network  costs  and final  negotiation.

We have  developed  our systems  to allow  for a retail  price that  will attract a large customer  base.  We have all
seen  the past  failures caused by  excessive vehicle costs to the consumer.

TvA  Australia  has supply chains  in place  for all  vehicle components.

Making the vehicle work  is one thing.. Making it work  at the right price is what we do.